Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova


We have received with deep sorrow the news about the passing away of the first parliament speaker of the Republic of Moldova, Alexandru Mosanu.  

In his capacity of parliament speaker (1990-1993) and MP (19901-1998), Alexandru Mosanu remains one of the outstanding figures of our history. Alexandru Mosanu was awarded the highest distinction of the parliament, Medal of Democracy, for his contribution to developing the democracy and the rule of law principles. 

Alexandru Mosanu asserted himself as an outstanding historian and PhD in historical sciences. He was an active participant our country’s major changes since the moment of getting independence and played an important role in strengthening the democratic processes in Moldova.   

In this moment of deep sorrow for all of us, we convey sincere condolences to the mourning family and all those who valued him.  

We join the mourning of the family, friends, disciples, colleagues and the entire people.

May he rest in peace!

President of Moldova Igor Dodon               

Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu  

Prime Minister Pavel Filip