Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

President conveys public message on current social, political situation in Moldova

President Nicolae Timofti today conveyed a public message on the socio-political situation in the country.

The text of the message reads as follows:

„My fellow citizens,

The period we are going through is not the most favourable one in the history of our country.

Dissatisfaction with the performance of public institutions and officials generated mass protests.

Pursuant to the democratic rights in our country, people are able to ask for justice, through all forms provided by law.

The evaluation of the political, social and economic state of things, that we currently have, leads to the necessity to make decisions in order to correct the serious errors admitted at the level of banking, financial and legal institutions that caused this state of revolt and uncertainty.

Officials and dignitaries who managed state affairs in bad faith or negligence must resign.

They must be investigated and held accountable.

Political parties, for their part, including the government, must learn from the concrete situation in which we find ourselves and to proceed to actions of remedying the atmosphere in society.

Depoliticising state institutions would be a first action in this regard.

It is also important for the parliament to convene in a plenary meeting to examine the situation in which we find ourselves and to take the necessary decisions.

I fully support the constructive statement made today by the Alliance for European Integration through which it reconfirms its commitments to citizens.

At the same time, I think it is my duty, as president, to put this difficult internal situation in a broader context.

It is clear that instability in the region and the trade embargoes that our country is subject to directly influences the course of events.

There are other challenges to our security, which have intensified in the past two years.

We are closely following the activation of neo-Soviet revanchist forces wishing to take advantage of the situation to try to stop us from our natural path towards the European Union.

I urge you, my fellow citizens, to reflect on this danger before you become prey to the reckless callings that you are lately hearing from some so-called leaders who are actually working against this country. It is also important that the demonstrations be conducted within the law and in a civilized manner.

We discussed with the heads of relevant institutions, whom I asked to protect the citizens who are protesting and to ensure the peaceful nature of the protests.

I am convinced that we will be able to overcome the current hostilities by applying the law, through competence and patience, so that we can subsequently return to our daily projects that can bring us prosperity and peace.

Thank you”.