Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Head of the State had a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Latvia Edgar Rinkevich

During the dialogue, a number of issues related to the domestic and foreign policy of our country, its socio-economic status, neutral status, the Transnistrian settlement, as well as other issues were discussed.

Igor Dodon welcomed the positive dynamics in the development of Moldovan-Latvian relations, which have intensified for 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries.

The President expressed his gratitude for the financial support rendered by Latvia to the Republic of Moldova in many areas.

"He noted that the Republic of Moldova should strive for good relations of cooperation with both the East and the West. It is necessary to strive for equilibrium in foreign policy, as well as diversification of trade relations in all directions beneficial for our country, "Igor Dodon stressed.

Also, the head of state expressed his confidence that by joint efforts we will be able to give the partnership between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Latvia an additional impetus for positive multi-dimensional development for the benefit of citizens.

"I spoke for the activation of the bilateral trade and economic exchange, as well as for the development of the existing potential," concluded Igor Dodon.