Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president receives newly nominated ambassadors

President Nicolae Timofti today received the nominated ambassadors of Moldova to Ukraine, Russia, State of Israel, Sweden, Romania, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, China and Latvia. 

The discussions were focused on the need to promote a coherent foreign policy of Moldova in terms of continuing the European integration and creation of a friendly image of the country in the states of accreditation. 

The head of state is to take a decision on the signing of decrees on appointing the aforementioned ambassadors, as well as of the Moldovan ambassador to France and resident representative under the Council of Europe this week. 

The eleven newly appointed ambassadors are as follows: 

Ruslan Bolbocean - Ambassador to Ukraine;

Dumitru Braghis - Ambassador to Russia;

Corina Calugaru - Ambassador, Resident Representative under the Council of Europe;

Gabriela Moraru - Ambassador to Israel; 

Veaceslav Dobinda - Ambassador to Sweden;

Lilian Moraru - Ambassador to France; 

Mihai Gribincea - Ambassador to Romania; 

Valeriu Frija - Ambassador to Lithuania; 

Oleg Serebrean - Ambassador to Germany; 

Aureliu Ciocoi - Ambassador to China; 

Eugen Revenco - Ambassador to Latvia.