Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Igor Dodon met with the Executive Director of the World Bank

Igor Dodon and Frank Himskkerk discussed aspects of bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and the World Bank. The President of Moldova thanked the leadership of the World Bank for the support rendered to our country in implementing a number of major social and economic projects in the fields of agriculture, health, road infrastructure, education and energy.

"I welcomed the intention of the financial organization to launch other projects, but noted, at the same time, the need for strict monitoring of allocated funds, their use strictly for the intended purpose, for specific projects, according to clearly established rules. Money should be allocated to support citizens and reforms, and not for geopolitical reasons, to support pseudo-European governments," the Зresident said.

"I stressed the need to prioritize the necessary assistance for the implementation of social projects, reform of local public authorities, and development of infrastructure and expressed my readiness for effective and constructive cooperation with international financial organizations," concluded Igor Dodon.