Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

President quickly promulgated socially significant bills

The presidential administration received for promulgation several new bills adopted on March 7 through the procedure of taking the government responsibility to the parliament. Among them, socially significant laws were identified, that the Head of State quickly promulgated.

These are as follows: 

- The law on accordance of one-time assistance in the amount of 600 MDL to recipients of pensions and public social benefits, the amount of which does not exceed 2000 MDL per month;

- Amendments to the Law “On the Public Budget for 2019” and the Law “On the Budget of Public Social Insurance for 2019”, which provide a mechanism for the payment of one-time assistance;

- The law providing a change in the mechanism of pensions’ indexation in the public pension system;

- The law on amendments to the Labor Code in order to eliminate certain shortcomings in the payroll system for certain categories of working citizens;

- Amendments to the Law "On Creative Workers and Creative Unions", providing a strengthening of measures of social protection of persons with special merits to the state, who were awarded the Order of Republic and receiving benefits for their merits.

The president mentioned also that the economic bills would remain under consideration.