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Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president attends celebrating 25th anniversary from creating security bodies

Moldovan  President Nicolae Timofti today participated in events celebrating the 25th since the creation of the state security bodies, organized by the Information and Security Service (SIS) of Moldova.
In the solemnity, the President congratulated the officers and employees of SIS,  stressing the need to continue the modernization of the Service in accordance with best European practices, to reply promptly to all challenges to national security. "In spite of the complicated external pressures but also internal meant jeopardizing European course and the process of democratic reforms, we have managed to keep under control potential hazards, so that all citizens feel safe," said the head of state, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.
We present further presidential speech on the occasion of 25th anniversary of national security bodies:
"Dear sir,
Officers, non-commissioned officers and employees of the Intelligence and Security Service,
Dear veterans,
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the state security bodies creation, I address most cordial greetings, wishing you good health and success in everything you do.
This quarter-century is the period of training, strengthening and continuous affirmation of the special services as a basic element in achieving the fundamental interests of the Republic of Moldova. Thanks to intelligence and counterintelligence activities carried out with competence and efficiency, there were identified and thwarted in time real threats to state security, were thwarted actions that could threaten the safety of the constitutional order, territorial integrity and internal stability of the country. In this context, I would note your professionalism that you showed apprehension to Moldovans mercenaries who fought in eastern Ukraine, but also those who participated in diversionary trainings of another state to destabilize the situation in Moldova.
Indeed, an intelligence service is assessed by its ability to prevent, so by what does not happen. Your specific activity makes most successes remain unknown to the general public.
Thus, despite the complicated conditions, external pressures, internal and aimed at jeopardizing European course and the process of democratic reforms, have managed to keep under control the real and potential dangers, so that all citizens feel safe.
I also want to note that the information and analyses that present them regularly, are all high quality, and contain essential elements that help to facilitate decision-making at the political level. The government should be based on your work and continue to trust in you, in that you will be one step ahead malevolent. In this context, I appreciate the high level of employee training national security bodies and the ability to be pro-active in the prevention and control actions with subversive character. I encourage you to act strongly in the future, with professionalism and dedication.
Dear officers,
One of the main priorities of the Information and Security Service of Moldova must continue its development. It is, therefore, necessary to focus on the implementation of concrete measures to modernize the institution, according to European standards. This would allow achieving the goal of transforming the service into a body capable of responding promptly to all challenges to national security.
Although we know very well that it is a long process and that we still have much work, we must understand that providing effective dialogue with civil society, to promote policies of national security and not only service will be able to maintain authority and serve as a model of conduct for other state bodies. In this context, it is necessary to continue service actions directed towards ensuring dialogue with civil society to promote national security policies.
However, attention should be paid to ensuring the informative reintegration of Moldova, is absolutely necessary to exploit the opportunities created by the liberalization of visa regime and EU association. Being a lengthy process that requires much effort and dedication, I assure you that you have my full support in this respectfully and unconditionally.
Dear officers,
On this Jubilee occasion, I want to express my profound gratitude to veterans Service which led to the creation of security bodies then the new state of Moldova have set high standards of business and is today an example and an inspiration for a new generation of officers. I wish to express sincere congratulations to your  family members, wishing you all health, happiness, prosperity and new achievements both professionally as well as the staff."