Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Message from the President: "Transition to the presidential republic is the only chance to save the country"

Dear citizens of the Republic of Moldova!

In 2016, the people of the Republic of Moldova regained their right to choose their President directly. After 20 years of waiting, on November 13, 2016, people chose the President of the country during a direct popular vote. It was a historic victory of citizens in the fight against those who imagined that they could replace the people in such an important matter. However, in 2016, victory was won only in one battle, but not in the struggle to achieve the main goal of gaining by the country a people elected President with sufficient powers to solve most of the state's problems.

In 2017, we witnessed numerous attacks against the President of the Republic of Moldova - beginning with the re-subordination of several departments, continuing with constant attempts to restrict rights, and ending with yesterday's action: suspension of the powers of the Head of State with the purpose of appointing the Minister of Defense. Using for this purpose the Constitutional Court and making one more step towards the complete usurpation of power in the country. The entire composition of the Constitutional Court completely discredited itself by violating the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova and creating a precedent inexistent earlier in the history of the country. The actions of these judges should be carefully checked in accordance with the provisions of the law in force.

Once again I declare with all responsibility that I will not give up!

…The parliamentary majority could go the other way, and announce impeachment, but they are afraid of the people's voice, they are accustomed to be engaged in corruption, bribery, but not to play by the established rules.

Dear citizens,

The ruling regime did everything to reduce the powers of the Head of State, despite the fact that, following the logic of things, after returning to direct popular presidential elections, on the contrary, presidential powers should have been increased.

…Instead of positively responding to my appeal immediately after assuming office - to act as a united front against the ruling regime that seized the country, the pro-European opposition chose to play along with the authorities, pursuing the goal of political destruction and isolation of the President of the Republic of Moldova, not realizing that in this way they declared war on more than half of the country's population, who voted for the President.

Dear citizens of the Republic of Moldova!

Regardless of these massive attacks from both sides, in 2017 we managed not only to survive, but also to achieve some positive results for the country. Over the past period, the presidential administration succeeded:
- to stop a series of deviations and anti-popular laws from authorities;
- to restore traditional relations of friendship and cooperation with our eastern partners;
- to improve the situation related to exports to the Russian Federation;
- to solve some of the issues that our citizens working in Russia faced;
- to restore the prestige of the President's function and the people's trust in this important state institution;
- to balance the political situation in the Republic of Moldova, while the Presidential Administration took the necessary steps whenever attempts were made to divide the society according to some false and dangerous criteria that could also lead to an explosive situation in the country's foreign policy.

During the same period, the foundations of important social and economic processes were laid. In particular, the implementation of a major project for the construction of sports facilities in rural areas, national project deals on improvement or repair of all kindergartens throughout the country, simplifying the opening of business in rural areas, etc.

Unfortunately, other legislative initiatives, presented by me mainly concerned with social protection of the population, education, health, economic development, were blocked by the ruling regime, as long as the initiative of the nationwide consultative referendum. 

Dear citizens!

- in a situation when the authorities and the pro-European opposition are doing their utmost to discredit and limit the actions of the President of the country;
- in a situation when the actions of the Presidential Administration to ensure balance in the society and to solve the problems faced by the citizens of the country are blocked;
- in a situation when the overwhelming majority of the political class refuses to understand that the popularly elected President should not be limited but given legal powers to justify the expectations of citizens;
- in a situation when the state of affairs in the Republic of Moldova is steadily deteriorating, and the parliamentary form of government has exhausted its potential, proving its inability to provide the necessary tools for revival and harmonious development of the country;
- in a situation when the administration of the President and the socialist opposition are deprived of the possibility of holding even a republican consultative referendum;
for Moldova, there is no other solution, except for early parliamentary elections and transition to the presidential form of government.

We declare the beginning of actions at the level of the whole state with the aim of supporting the presidential form of government.

Dear friends!

For more than 26 years, political experiments in the Republic of Moldova have continued. What they ended, we all know very well. That's why I urge you to realize the importance of the moment we are going through and make the right decision. The time of all sorts of experiments has passed. It's time to take your own destiny into your hands and build our own life as we all deserve.

The presidential form of government is the only chance for the future for the Republic of Moldova, and we should all take advantage of this chance!