Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president demands that parliamentary majority reconfirms signatures to back candidate for premier office

Taking into account the statements made in media today, 14 January, by some MPs who have signed the declaration on support of Vladimir Plahotniuc for the office of prime minister, by which the concerned lawmakers informed about the withdrawal of their signatures from the aforementioned declaration, President Nicolae Timofti demands that the recently created parliamentary majority, made up of 56 MPs, today, 14 January till 21:00, reconfirms the signatures put to back a candidate for the office of prime minister, in order to meet the conditions for officializing the parliamentary majority.

The head of state demanded this under a Decision by the Constitutional Court from 29 december 2015, which stipulates "...the need to create the parliamentary majority transparently, so that the voter may identify the political actors who have the political responsibility for the governance act. On these grounds, the parliamentary majority is to be officialized, not only declared, with the identification of the lawmakers it is made up of, with the specification of their willingness to support a candidate for the office of prime minister and with the official notification to the president of Moldova."